Unsyiah Lecturer Succeeds in Bringing SiELE Journal to the Scopus Index

27.04.2020 Humas

English Lecturer at Syiah Kuala University successfully brought the journal Studies in English Language and Education (SiELE) to be indexed Scopus. SiELE is a scientific journal that presents research and development in the fields of learning and special education in English, linguistics and general literature which is managed by the Department of English Education, FKIP Unsyiah. (Banda Aceh, 4/27/2020).

SiELE was submitted for evaluation to Scopus on May 29, 2018 by its chief editor Dr. Yunisrina Qismullah Yusuf, S.Pd., M.Ling. and deputy editor Faisal Mustafa, S.Pd., M.A. Both of them are lecturers in the Department of English Language Education, FKIP Unsyiah.

Yunisrina explained, this journal has been reviewed for two years. During this time, SiELE underwent a review process by the Scopus Content Selection and Advisory Board (CSAB) and finally met the criteria for indexing on Scopus.

"On April 16, 2020, we received an email from Scopus stating that the journal SiELE was accepted for inclusion in Scopus," he said.

Yunisrina explained, SiELE is a peer-reviewed academic journal published by the Department of English Education, FKIP Unsyiah. SiELE was founded in early 2014, with its first issue in March 2014. This journal is published twice a year, namely in March and September.

The SiELE editorial team consists of academics from various countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, the United States, Iran, Thailand, Australia, Sweden, Turkey and Singapore. SiELE reviewers also consist of experts in the field of ELT (English Language Teaching), linguistics and literature from various countries.

With SiELE indexing on Scopus, Yunisrina explained, this allows the level of journal metadata access to be increasingly high by the user. Because Scopus has features: Citation, Networking, Research and Score so that it can help increase the journal citation index and Unsyiah globally.

"This also makes SiELE as a reputed global indexed scientific journal, after in March 2019 it was accredited by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (rank 2)," he said.

Since SiELE was accepted by Scopus, this journal has automatically risen to rank 1 (Sinta 1) on the SINTA website. Currently, SiELE is ranked 31st among 67 Scopus indexed journals throughout Indonesia. Where SiELE has an impact 1.13 with an H-Index of 10.

Based on data in Sprott 1, the SiELE journal is the 3rd journal in Indonesia that is indexed by Scopus in the field of ELT (English Language Teaching), after the Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics (Indonesian Education University) and TEFLIN Journal (Malang State University).

Scopus itself is a highly reputable global indexing institution owned by the world's leading publisher, Elsevier. Scopus provides an assessment system to measure the significant impact of a scientific journal globally.

"Until now, the SiELE journal is the first journal in Unsyiah indexed by Scopus. For this reason, we thank you for the support of all parties for this achievement. Hopefully other journals in Unsyiah can also be indexed by Scopus going forward, "he said.

Unsyiah Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng IPU revealed, as the leader of the University he was very grateful and proud of the success of the Unsyiah lecturers. This success shows that the quality of research from Unsyiah researchers in the fields of humanities such as language, linguistics and literature has been recognized globally.

"Studies in the field of linguistics are still relatively rare in Indonesia. So with this success, we hope that language lecturers at Unsyiah can be increasingly motivated to develop their research, so Unsyiah becomes a national reference in this discipline, "said the rector.