Unsyiah Lecturer Wins Islamic Economic and Financial Research Forum (FREKS) 2019

21.10.2019 Humas

Accounting Lecturer, Economics and Business Faculty Unsyiah won first place in the Scopus Researcher Recommendation Category in the Islamic-based Economic and Financial Research Forum (FREKS) 2019 organized by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and the Association of Islamic Economics (IAEI) at Gajah University Mada, Yogyakarta, October 15-16, 2019. FREKS is an annual forum held to screen the best research in the field of Islamic finance and finance. This year, around 200 articles from researchers from all over Indonesia participated in the selection process. After the initial review and judging process, a total of 22 articles were selected to be finalists for a number of predetermined categories and sectors.

The Unsyiah Team headed by Dr. Ratna Mulyany with members of Dr. Mirna Indriani and Dr. Indayani, has been successfully selected as one of the finalists at the prestigious forum. Dr. Ratna and the team were selected as finalists in the main category, the Scopus Recommendation Category.

Dr. Ratna and the team who are lecturers in the accounting study program Unsyiah have conducted research on the potential of greetings products in Islamic banking with the title "Reviving Salam Product: Stakeholders' Perspective with an Extended Canvas Model". This research has raised the potential of greetings products which are still rarely offered by Islamic banking due to risk factors. The existence of greetings products in Islamic banking is considered very important in supporting the national agricultural sector. Based on the results of this research, a greeting product model has been offered along with risk mitigation measures for those involved in the salam transaction.

In the process of determining champions, FREKS 2019 finalists from various regions in Indonesia were given transportation and accommodation facilities to make presentations at Gajah Mada University on October 15-16, 2019. The presentation score was crucial in determining the champions. Specifically for the Scopus category, finalists are required to deliver presentations in English. As the first presenter at the event, Dr. Ratna has managed to deliver a presentation very well and was able to answer questions from both the jury and audience so that it was finally named the champion with the highest score in the main category of Scopus recommendations.

This achievement is a pride for Unsyiah and Aceh because Unsyiah representatives are able to compete and become winners at the national level. This achievement is also expected to motivate other lecturers to be more active in producing research that can be a reference and useful for the community. (Unsyiah)