Unsyiah PPE and Masks For Medical Personnel and Community

07.04.2020 Humas

Syiah Kuala University produces a number of masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help the community and health workers in carrying out their duties. This was done Unsyiah to prevent the spread of the corona virus (Covid-19), and support for medical personnel to be safe while working in the hospital. (Banda Aceh, 4/6/2020).

Unsyiah Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, said that the medical devices were done by FKIP PKK Study Program students. For the first stage, they succeeded in producing 500 masks. All masks are then distributed free of charge to the public. Among them are Nyak-Nyak who sell at Lamnyong Market and Ulee Kareng Market. The mask was immediately distributed by the Unsyiah Student Regiment (Menwa).

"This mask is obviously very important. This is our effort to help the community. Moreover, now the government has issued an appeal to wear masks when leaving the house, "he said.

While for PPE, rector explained, currently the health protective equipment produced were only limited to a sample of four PPE models. The type is PPE type 2. These four models are then submitted to the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) Aceh, to choose which model is most effective for use by health workers.

"After the PPE model is chosen, we will immediately produce 300 of them for medical staff, namely those who are in the vanguard facing this outbreak," said Samsul.

Samsul hopes that the masks and PPE produced by Unsyiah students will hopefully be the solution to the scarcity of medical devices today. In fact, high public demand for masks has made masks even more scarce and prices soared.

"For masks, Unsyiah will try to produce as much as possible. Likewise for this PPE, the point is we want to fight together so that this epidemic ends soon, "he concluded.