Unsyiah Press and DPRA Publish the Study Book of Helsinki MoU and LoGa

24.08.2020 Humas

The Aceh People's Representative Council (DPRA) in collaboration with Unsyiah Press published two books to coincide with Aceh Peace Day, August 15, 2020. The two books were entitled "Study & Advocacy of the Helsinki MOU & LoGA in the Normative Aspects (Doctrinal)" and "The Study of the Helsinki MoU & LoGA in the Aspect of Implementation (Empirical). "

This book was written by the same team of writers, recruited by the DPRA Secretariat, from several universities in Aceh Province, namely: Teuku Kamaruzzaman, S.H, Prof. H. Dahlan, S.H, M.H, Prof. DR. H. Farid Wajdi Ibrahim, MA, Prof. DR. Jamaluddin, S.H, M.Hum, Zainal Abidin, S.H. M.Si, M.H, Rustam Effendi, S.E, M.Econ, DR. Sanusi Bintang, S.H, M.L.I.S, LLM, DR. Irwan Syahputra, S. Kep, MKM, Muhammad Ya'kub Kadir, LLM, Phd, DR. Taufik C. Dawood, S.E, M.Ec.Dev, DR. Muhammad Abrar, S.E, M.Si, Sufyan, S.H, M.H.

Head of Unsyiah Press, Dr. Taufiq A. Gani said that this kind of book, including local content, provides contemporary information about Aceh. This type of book is highly sought after and needed by the community.

"This year we are short of books at the request of our partners such as the National Library of Indonesia and the Embassy of the Friendly State in Jakarta. Aceh is an area that has received a lot of attention from various academic circles. So that materials like this are always sought after and what else is scientifically rare, "said Taufik.

He added that Unsyiah's vision and mission were a mandate carried by the leadership to maintain Unsyiah's relevance to the development of contemporary Aceh. Unsyiah Press welcomes DPRA's trust in publishing these 2 books. This book can be purchased online at the website: https://unsyiahpress.unsyiah.ac.id/commersyiana/

Representing DR. Muhammad Abrar, S.E, M.Si, who is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics Unsyiah, said that this book was very comprehensive, each of which was an important reflection from the normative and implicative side after the MoU Helsinki and 15 years of Aceh Peace.