Unsyiah Provides Recommendations to Prevent Covid-19

25.03.2020 Humas

Syiah Kuala University through the Covid-19 Task Force provided several recommendations to prevent the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19). Unsyiah Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng IPU said that the recommendation was addressed to several parties, the local government, scholars, community leaders, the business community and other wider communities. (Banda Aceh, 3/24/2020).

Rector revealed, until now there is concern from WHO that the Corona virus is not only transmitted through droplets, but has the possibility of airborne transmission (airborne).

"Therefore, in order to strengthen the steps taken by Aceh Government and observe developments in Aceh, Unsyiah provides recommendations to regional leaders, ulama councils, community leaders, the mass media, the business community and the wider community," rector said.

The Governor and Regents/Mayors are expected to do the following: Restrict and supervise access to/from Aceh Province, by land, sea, and air, both domestic and international access (aircraft, cargo ships, cruise ships, etc. ). Includes flight routes to/from Simeulue, Rembele, and Lhokseumawe.

Imposing temporary curfews throughout Aceh to prevent crowds until the COVID-19 crisis ends. Extend learning from home for school children and expand work from home for government employees.

Restricting community activities outside the home, including limiting the gathering of more than 10 people. Inviting scholars, religious leaders, traditional / community leaders, and mosque managers to provide education for the community in an effort to reduce the potential for spreading the virus.

Making mosques an effective government partner in efforts to control this dangerous disease outbreak. Ensure the availability of adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) for health workers, such as doctors, nurses, and other medical-paramedical personnel, who serve in various hospitals  in Aceh.

Ensure that health workers in charge of handling Covid-19 receive adequate nutrition and supplements for immunity. Ensuring the availability and adequacy of the Respiratory Intensive Care Unit (RICU) as well as relevant health workers, and standard ambulance Covid19 in all Regencies / Cities in Aceh Province.

Adding laboratories that can conduct Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction tests for COVID-19 virus detection, in addition to the Aceh Research and Development Center (Balitbangkes), considering the number of samples that need to be tested is expected to surge in the future. Unsyiah has sufficient human resources and equipment, and is ready to be appointed to become a testing laboratory.

Ensuring the availability and adequacy of other medical and non-medical equipment for regular services in all Regencies / Cities in Aceh. Requesting mass media (print and electronic) to be involved in helping disseminate the massive messages of COVID-19 education to the public. Ensuring the availability of basic needs of the community at reasonable prices on the market.

Then the ulema council, religious leaders and community leaders are expected to: Invite people to remain calm and not panic. Providing education to the community with a religious-cultural approach in an effort to reduce the potential for spreading the virus.

Making mosques a government partner in efforts to control the COVID-19 outbreak. Urge religious leaders and the public, so that they do not hold activities that gather many people for a while, especially activities that are not mandatory / routine worship (such as lectures, recitation, remembrance, and others).

Encourage dayah / pesantren to increase vigilance against viruses and provide education for students in reducing the potential spread of the virus. Encourage all levels of society to comply with the Government's call for mutual health and safety.

Encourage all levels of society to provide moral and material support to health workers, and patients and their families affected by coronavirus infection.

Meanwhile, the mass media are expected to do the following: Deliver massive messages of COVID-19 education to the public through public service announcements and easy-to-understand content. Publish information related to Covid-19 handling services in the area.

Then for the wider community, Unsyiah appealed to remain calm and not panic, always pray to Allah SWT to avoid the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic. Comply with the government's call to stay home, only travel for important matters, and maintain a physical distance of at least two meters (Physical Distancing) for the sake of our common health and safety.

Follow the ethical principles of cough (shut up, use handkerchief / tissue). Maintain cleanliness by washing hands with soap and running water or a hands sanitizer.

Maintain cleanliness, health, and body fitness. Eat healthy foods to increase endurance. Maintain home health with adequate ventilation/air circulation.

Equip yourself with practical knowledge about Covid-19 prevention. Take note of the address and contact number of the nearest Covid-19 information and handling center. If you have a fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat and shortness of breath, immediately check yourself into the designated place and use a mask. Help each other, both in the form of morals and material, and provide support to patients and their families affected by coronavirus infection.

Then for the business world both the private sector, BUMD and BUMN in Aceh, to assist the government in handling this pandemic through various efforts. Such as the allocation of social funds (CSR), fulfillment of PPE and completeness of health facilities, meeting the needs of health workers, public education about the prevention of Covid-19 and others.

"We hope that these recommendations can be implemented in accordance with our respective roles. Thus, with God's permission, we believe that the coronavirus outbreak can quickly subside and we can move back, "concluded rector.