Unsyiah Students Join Covid-19 Thematic KKN in Labuhanhaji

19.06.2020 Humas

Dozens of students from Syiahkuala University (Unsyiah) attended the Covid-19 thematic Real Work Lecture (KKN) in Labuhanhaji District, South Aceh Regency. The Covid-19 Thematic Community Service Program will be held for three months starting from May 4, 2020 - July 4, 2020 and now in its fifth week.

"My friends and I who took part in this KKN were all from Labuhanhaji and also from various faculties at the University of Jantong, hating the Acehnese people," said Chairman of the 143 Thematic KKN Unsyiah in 2020, Ferdinal Sukman Nur as reported. Serambinews.com.

Ferdinal said, each week the students carried out various activities, both group activities for those who lived nearby, as well as private activities for those who lived far apart.

"The activities we carry out are inseparable from the Covid-19 prevention protocol, both carried out directly (face to face) and online / online (in the network)," he said.

Ferdinal also said that, in that activity they also applied knowledge gained on campus through personal programs according to their respective fields that could provide solutions in Covid-19 Prevention.

"Like, the application of Physics is making simple water treatment to get clean water, Geological Engineering makes a map of village health facilities, the Law Sciences form a draft qanun (Raqan) and also Guidance Counseling holds Guidance online," he said.

On that occasion, Ferdinal invited his friends to the local community, especially Hulu Pisang Village, to always keep their distance, wear masks, maintain health and healthy lifestyles, and conduct Covid-19 Prevention Education for children.

"Starting from wearing a mask, how to wash hands properly and correctly, and a healthy lifestyle," he said.

In addition to inviting and educating, he added, the KKN students also held Information and Training to prevent Covid-19 Transmission. The socialization and training carried out were making Handsanitizer from Natural Materials, such as betel leaves and lime.

"In the socialization, we also facilitated the masks to the participants present, in order to implement the Covid-19 Prevention protocol. The Socialization of Handsanitizer Making was welcomed by Keuchik Hulu Pisang, Naldi," he concluded.