Unsyiah Students Receive Scholarships from Pawnshop

20.12.2018 Humas

A total of 33 students received a scholarship from Pegadaian Syariah. This was stated by the Vice President of PT. Pegadaian Persero Banda Aceh, Ferry Hariawan at the ceremonial event for the awarding of the scholarship at Unsyiah Senate Hall. (Thursday, 12/20).

Deputy Rector III Dr. Ir. Alfiansyah Yulianur BC, said that Unsyiah was very happy with the scholarship assistance. Because this year there are around 500 more scholarship applicants at Unsyiah who have not been accommodated. Even though there were additional quota from several scholarships, such as from 100 people from Bidikmisi, the number of applicants relatively large.

"We are very grateful, and hopefully next year pawnshops can provide much more. Because there are around 300 people who need new scholarships and we will continue to search from various funder, "Alfiansyah said.

Alfiansyah revealed, funding like this is very important for students to support their lecture activities. Moreover, he said that Unsyiah did not want any students who failed or were unable to continue their studies because economic problem.

"Therefore there are many relief schemes from Unsyiah, which are important for students to quickly report. Through this scheme, we want students to be motivated to learn again, "said Alfian.

Ferry explained that the number of 33 people was the result of a selection of 63 people who signed up for this scholarship. The pawnshop actually wants to pass all the applicants, but currently the company only able to accommodate that amount.

"Hopefully next year pawnshops can provide more. If that happens. This means that the Rector is praying for the performance of pawnshops to be even more shiny, "he said.

Ferry who was involved in this selection process revealed that these students were chosen because they possessed a passion for progress and passion in the world of entrepreneurship. For this reason, in this activity pawnshops also provides material about the world of entrepreneurship.

"Because we hope that students from an early age train themselves in entrepreneurship even though it is small. And it's really small first, if it's directly large, entrepreneurial spirit is not forged, "he said.