Unsyiah Team Wins 1st Place for National Student Innovation

05.10.2019 Humas

Unsyiah students won first place at the national level in the Puspiptek Innovation Festival (PIF) 2019 which took place at the Science and Technology Research Center (PUSPIPTEK) Serpong, West Java. The students, Alfy Yusyfa Fernanda (Team leader, Department of Computer Engineering), Hendrik Leo (Electrical Engineering), Siti Alifah (Informatics Engineering) and Rian Maulana (Computer Engineering) won the science project titled CAMPLI: Agriculture 4.0 Based on Vertical Farming to Improve Agricultural Productivity.

In the final round, they managed to set aside a student team from Semarang State University (Unnes) and Pertamina University. Both of these universities won second and third place. The Campli Unsyiah team led by Rahmad Dawood, a lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Unsyiah, became champions after eliminating as many as 262 participants from all over Indonesia, which eventually left to 10 teams that entered the final round.

The awarding of the winners was made at the Serpong Puspiptek, Tangerang by the Secretary General of Ristekdikti, accompanied by the Deputy Mayor of South Tangerang, Wednesday (10/1).


CAMPLI or Computer Assisted Mass Planting is a solution in increasing agricultural productivity with limited land. CAMPLI is a multi-level farming system / vertical farming that expands vertical agricultural land. In contrast to conventional farming systems that expand agricultural land horizontally. Because the agricultural system is carried out in stages, it is necessary to automate the maintenance and monitoring system of plant conditions. So CAMPLI is integrated with the IoT (Internet of Things) system to monitor the condition of plants through sensors and take care of plants through actuators.

The monitoring and maintenance system can be accessed wirelessly by the user / user through the smartphone application. In this research, a case study of chilli plants is used as an experimental plant that will increase its productivity results. This research can increase agricultural productivity while preserving the environmental ecosystem.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector III for Student and Alumni Affairs, Dr.Ir. Alfiansyah Yulianur BC, was very happy for this achievement. Alfiansyah hopes that the tools described can be patented and implemented in the field, thus helping farmers improve agricultural productivity. In addition, agricultural technology 4.0 is expected to increase agricultural productivity without destroying the environment for land clearing.

Head of Student Creativity and Development Program (P2KM), Marwan, S.Si, MT mentioned the results of the 2019 PIF, complementing the various Unsyiah student achievements in various events. This success helped Unsyiah in improving ranking in the field of student affairs nationally. (Unsyiah / PR)