Unsyiah Wins Best Financial Report Award

07.11.2020 Humas

The Directorate General of Treasury (DJPB) of Aceh Province gave an award to Syiah Kuala University as the first rank of the 2019 financial report at the Budget User Assistant Accounting Unit - Region (UAPPA-W) level. The award was handed over directly by the Head of the DJPB Aceh Regional Office Syafriadi, S.E., M.Ec., Ph.D to Unsyiah Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng IPU in the Mini Room of the Unsyiah Chancellor. (Darussalam, 6 November 2020).

Syafriadi said this award was given because in 2019 Unsyiah succeeded in being the best in preparing regional budget user-level financial reports, both as a coordinator and consolidator in all existing work units.

With this award, Syafriadi hopes, Unsyiah will be more eager to maintain his financial statement achievements in 2020. For this reason, DJPB Aceh is ready to provide support to Unsyiah for points in its financial statements that still need improvement.

"We, from the DJPB, will continue to provide support and synergy in an effort to improve the quality and journey of the preparation of Unsyiah's financial reporting," he said.

In addition, Syafriadi also asked Unsyiah to be willing to share information or experiences related to the preparation of financial reports to other agencies. Given the current pandemic condition, it requires every agency to make adjustments to its budget planning.

“In 2020, the preparation of financial reports will become increasingly challenging, because we have to make many adjustments. But we are sure, Unsyiah with commitment, dedication, and a spirit of passion to always give the best, his financial statements in 2020 will also be better, "he said.

Meanwhile, rector expressed his gratitude and gratitude for the DJPB award to Unsyiah. This achievement did not just come about, but thanks to the commitment and hard work of all work units in Unsyiah to continue to provide optimal service.

For this reason, for Unsyiah this achievement is more than just an achievement. But as a trigger for enthusiasm to continue working in presenting financial reports that are more accountable and transparent. The Chancellor also hopes that the DPJB can continue to be Unsyiah's partners, especially in the field of financial supervision.

"Alhamdulillah, this award is the fruit of the hard work of all parties at Unsyiah. Because we have committed, to run this institution as well as possible. Where one of the indicators is good financial planning and reporting, "said the Rector.

On that occasion, rector also expressed Unsyiah's willingness to share his experiences in compiling financial reports to other agencies. It is hoped that this will help DJPB Aceh's efforts in realizing the management of state treasury in its working area more efficiently.

Also attending this activity was Deputy Chancellor II Unsyiah Dr. Ir. Agussabti, M.Si, Head of General and Finance Bureau Unsyiah Maimun, S.T., MM and Head of Sub Division of Accounting and Reporting Mairina, SE.Ak.

Meanwhile from the Aceh DJPB was attended by the Head of Banda Aceh KPPN Herkwin, S.Ip., M.Si, Head of Budget Implementation Development I Ieng, S.E, Head of Accountancy Development and Financial Reporting Ahmad Fahmi, S.E and Kasi PAPK Khusnul Fuad.