Unsyiah Wins Two Awards at Public Relations Award Event

25.12.2020 Humas

Syiah Kuala University won two awards at the 2020 Higher Education Public Relations Award (AHD), which was held by the Directorate General of Higher Education of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. This decision was announced on the eve of the 2020 AHD award which was held virtually on Wednesday night (12/23) in Jakarta.

Unsyiah won awards for two categories, namely 1st place in the Press Release and Press Conference category, then 1st runner up for the Website Pages category. In each of these categories, Unsyiah competes with fellow Public Service Agency Colleges.

Unsyiah Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng, who was also present virtually at the awarding night, said Unsyiah was very grateful for this success. The two awards are a sweet note for Unsyiah at the end of 2020.

According to him, this achievement is the fruit of Unsyiah's commitment to continue to encourage public information disclosure. For this reason, this success is a motivation as well as an evaluation so that Unsyiah's public relations performance can be even better in the future.

"Unsyiah will continue to strive to provide the best information services to the public. This success strengthens our commitment to this, "said the Rector.

Head of Public Relations Unsyiah Chairil Munawir said, in this competition Unsyiah participated in the five categories contested, namely internal media, report management, social media, press releases / conferences and website pages.

On that occasion, Chairil also expressed his gratitude for the support of all parties for the performance of Unsyiah Public Relations so far in presenting information to the public.

In addition, Chairil also gave appreciation to the Unsyiah Public Relations Team who had worked optimally so that they succeeded in achieving this achievement. According to him, this achievement will be a motivation for Unsyiah Public Relations to be able to work more optimally in the coming year.

"Alhamdulillah, this victory is thanks to the support of all parties for the performance of PR so far. Thank you also to the Unsyiah Public Relations Team for trying their best to achieve tonight, "he said.

The Higher Education Public Relations Award is an evaluation and appreciation event for the management of public relations in the university environment. This event is an effort to encourage the principle of openness of public information in order to realize the implementation of good governance in public information services.

In the previous year, Unsyiah also won an award at a similar event, namely Anugrah Public Relations Media which was initiated by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia.

In this event, from the five categories contested, Unsyiah won two championships, namely the category of internal media and website publishing. Interestingly, in this competition Unsyiah entered the top three and competed with well-known universities in Indonesia.