Unsyiah’s Rector Wins Major Professional Engineer Degree

10.10.2019 Humas

Rector of Syiah Kuala University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng won the title of Professional Major Engineer (IPU). This is based on the decision of the Appraisal Board of the Indonesian Industrial Engineering Association (BKTI-PII) on September 27, 2019 in Jakarta.

Chairman of the BKTI-PII Appraisal Council Ir. Catur Hernanto, MM, IPM. AER explained, Samsul Rizal had the right to embed the IPU degree, after the Appraisal Assembly declared that he passed the Professional Engineer certification with the qualifications of the Major Professional Engineer.

With the addition of the title, the full name of Samsul Rizal and his title would be Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng, IPU.

"Based on that decision, Samsul Rizal has the right to hold the IPU title / title in accordance with applicable regulations," Catur Hernanto wrote in his Statement.

In addition to the Unsyiah Rector, three other Unsyiah lecturers also won the Professional Engineer degree. Where 1 person with an IPU degree is Dr. Dirhamsyah, MT, IPU and 2 other people with an HDI degree are Dr. Iskandar Hasanudin, ST., MP., M.Eng., IPM and Dr. Akhyar Hasan, ST., MP., M.Eng., IPM.

"This degree is expected to be a motivation for Faculty of Engineering alumni and other engineers in Aceh, to be able to take better action for the progress of the nation," said Unsyiah's Rector in response to his achievement.

Professional Engineer Certificates are given in three types. This certificate also explains the level of competency that the recipient has. First, Primary Professional Engineers (IPP), which are engineers who have worked for more than three years, since he achieved his undergraduate degree and is able to prove his competence.

Second, Associate Professional Engineers (IPM), namely IPP certificate holders who have worked and proved their competence for at least five years, after they obtained the IPP certificate.

Third, the Major Professional Engineer (IPU), the holder of the IPM certificate who has worked and proved his competence for at least eight years, after he obtained the HDI certificate and has a professional reputation nationally.

As for the assessment, PII has classified engineering qualifications based on the scores obtained when submitting the engineer certification. The engineering qualifications are IPP with a score of 600, HDI with a score of 3000 and IPU with a score of 6000.