USK Faculty of Marine and Fisheries ICFAES International Conference

05.08.2021 Humas

The Faculty of Marine and Fisheries of Universitas Syiah Kuala held an international conference entitled International Conference on Fisheries, Aquatic, and Environmental Sciences (ICFAES). This online event was held from Banda Aceh and Nanning city, Guangxi Province China and was opened with the remarks of Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng - Rector of USK. (Banda Aceh, 4 August 2021).

In his remarks, the Rector mentioned that this year’s ICFAES was in collaboration with the Guangxi Academy of Science China as a part of USK sustainable research exchange program based on the MoU between USK and GxAS China initiated in 2018.

“I hereby extend my sincere gratitude for the collaboration and support for this ICFAES 2021.”, as the Rector said.

Under the theme of Synergy and Collaboration among Marine and Fisheries to Promote Sustainable Development Goals, the Rector expected that this conference could help find the solutions in the collaboration and research industry.

The keynote speakers in this conference were Prof. Mazlan Abdul Ghaffar (Vice Rector of Universitas Malaysia Terengganu), Prof. Junichi Tanaka from Tyukyu University Japan, and Prof. Yushinta Fujaya from Universitas Hasanuddin, Makassar, Indonesia.

The Rector was sure that the 3rd ICFAES would bring the opportunity for researchers, experts, and students in the field of aquatic  environment and fisheries to share their work, thoughts, and ideas, to learn and lean on each other in this challenging time.

“Although we are facing a difficulty in this Covid-19 pandemic, with the observance of the strict protocols, we keep struggling, working hard, and trying our best to be professional.”, as the Rector said.

The Dean of Marine and Fisheries explained that this conference was a form of USK contribution to the research world. Since 2018, the Marine and Fisheries Faculty has been holding an annual international conference which involved not only researchers from Indonesia but also from all over the world.

Two years ago, the Faculty of Marine and Fisheries had succeeded in holding the International   Conference   on Fisheries,   Aquatic,   and   Environmental Sciences as well as The 6th  Annual Conference of the Asian Society of Ichthyologists which was attended by more than 200 participants from four continents.

This year, due to the pandemic the event was held virtually. Therefore, Prof. Muchlisin hoped that although it was impossible to meet face-to-face, but this research meeting may not lose its essence. It was also the Faculty’s aim to always collaborate in the field of research and publication.

“We hope that the existing research network can be expanded and strengthened in the future. We hope that the problems in the marine sector may be resolved by our research innovations.”, he said.

The head committee of this year’s ICFAES, Dedi Fazriansyah Putra, M.Sc explained that this annual event was attended by national and international researchers, lecturers, and academician.

The committee also received about 180 abstracts from 7 countries that enlisted including England, Japan, China, Malaysia, Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia. The success of this event would not happen without the collaboration of the university with world-class partners in supporting the Merdeka Belajar – Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) program. This is also included as one of the 8 indicators of university Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

Also presenting in this year’s conference was the President Director of PT. Yakin Pacific Tuna Almer Hafis Sandy, S.T. who talked about how to optimize the quality management of Aceh tuna industry.

He illustrated how Aceh is geographically situated between the Indian Ocean and Malacca Strait and how the area in Indian Ocean has not been fully cultivated. This is partly because the processing and fishing industry are still very limited in terms of handling the catch to the processing unit.

“As a result, 70% of Aceh fish is processed in Medan. If these were processed in Aceh, it would benefit local workforce and strengthen our economy.”, he said.