USK Goes Back to Online Lecture

23.04.2021 Humas

The University of Syiah Kuala once again went back to Online Classes starting from 26 April 2021. This decision was in line with the Rector’s Decree Number: 1806/UN11/KP.11.00/2021 about the Implementation of Even Semester Lectures, Academic Year of 2020/2021 and Administration Services in USK. (Banda Aceh, 23 April 2021) 

The Rector of USK, Prof. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M. Eng explained that the decision was made after monitoring the increase of Covid-19 cases either in Aceh, national, or even the global level. 

Moreover, in the last month, there was also an increase in the number of lecturers and students tested positive of Covid-19. Therefore, this online lecture should become one effort from USK to prevent the spread of Covid-19 around the university. 

“Prior to this, USK had implemented the face-to-face lecture since 15 February 2021. But nowadays, the Covid-19 cases in Aceh are alarming. Therefore, we decided to move back into online lecture.”, as said by the Rector.

In the Rector’s Decree, there were some important points that should be paid attention to. Among them is that the online lecture would run until the end of the semester. 

“Despite of that, this online lecture will be re-evaluated along with the development of the Covid-19 situation in Aceh and with the instructions from Satgas Covid-19 Aceh.”, he said. 

Meanwhile, the academic and public administration would still continue. However, USK would also implement the Work From Home (WFH) scheme where 50% of the staff would work from home and the other 50% would work from the office. 

Then, the Rector also asserted that all USK staff to not travel for mudik lebaran from 22 April – 24 May 2021. This was also mentioned in the Addendum Letter from the Head of Satgas Covid-19 No 13 2021. 

In this occasion, the Rector also urged the society to be disciplined in implementing the health protocols such as wearing masks, maintaining a safe distance, and regularly cleaning/washing the hands. 

This was because from the Rector’s point of view, the level of awareness in the community about the implementation of health protocols were going down. Meanwhile, the protocols were very important in preventing a wider spread of the virus. 

“So, tackling the Covid-19 cases needs to be done with our commitment as a community. Let’s be disciplined in implementing the health protocols and do not forget to pray so that this pandemic may soon end; and we can have our normal activities again.”, said the Rector.