USK Launched USK Business Forum (UBF)

02.08.2021 Humas

The Rector of Universitas Syiah Kuala, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng, IPU, opened a national webinar and launched USK Business Forum (UBF) on a virtual platform from Banda Aceh on 31 July 2021. UBF was formed to serve as a communication platform between the university and business world. This platform is needed to bridge the knowledge-based research findings and innovations to the business world. At the same time, the university may also receive feedback from the business world to conduct research and necessary innovations for implementation. On this occasion, the committee also hosted a national webinar under the theme of “Socio-Technopreneurship and University Innovations” in which experts and national practitioners were invited.

The Rector of USK, Samsul Rizal in his opening remarks expressed a great appreciation with the realization of UBF. He believes that this forum is in a strategic position to develop an innovative climate in the business world. USK with a large number of civitas academia has a vast potential to be drawn to develop innovation-based business products, services, and even to become a big market for USK business networks.

“Both students and lecturers have the opportunity to generate innovations from downstream research that has high commercial value. In addition to producing various intellectual properties for the campus, it can also be commercialized to generate income for both the campus and the community,” as explained by Samsul.

“I wish that USK students can start practicing to become young entrepreneurs instead of aiming to become government employees. Be a tough, competent, brave, and strong entrepreneur with good communication skills and good manners.”, as the Rector continued.

Meanwhile, Head of Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Finance Communication Bureau and the 2015-2020 President Director of the State Asset Management Institute (LMAN), Dr. Rahayu Puspasari who took part as a speaker in this webinar delivered materials about creativity in managing asset and resources in universities especially those with the status of Badan Layanan Umum (BLU) or the “Public Service Agency” like USK. She believes that USK has a vast business potential which needs to be maintained well and with focus to generate revenue to develop USK’s independence.

“The business model analysis needs to be carried out very carefully to make sure the income from one business unit is not spent on unproductive businesses. Nevertheless, income is not always in the form of cash. It can also be manifested in the socio-cultural impacts that resulted from a business activity.”, Rahayu said.

Furthermore, the second speaker, Dr. Riza Damanik, Special Staff of the Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) described the strategic position of both the universities and the SMEs in the national economy system.

“Universities may help SMEs to develop their innovations so that their product would have a higher value and receive a scientific justification. This would allow the products to compete in the local, national, and even international markets.”, as Riza said.

On the same occasion, Head of USK Head of Development Agency, Syaifullah Muhammad, explained about the business potentials that are absent in USK both the academic and non-academic business. At this point, there are various business potentials that can be developed to involve the business world as business partners. Some of these are including to set up a primary clinic and education pharmacy, coffee roaster, animal farming, animal clinic and pet shop, plant nursery, recycle stations, gas station, hotel, furniture, training, expertise, sports center, open space event, canteen and mini market and atsiri product export.

“Let us collaborate with USK-Business or U-Business. USK has various equipment and resources that can generate income for our overall development. In the future, everyone will be given a chance to gain income from USK-Business. With the application to be developed, everyone will gain direct income with every business transaction made.  Therefore, thousands of USK students and academic staff would be able to gain income by becoming marketing agents of the products and facilities USK has to offer.”, as Syaifullah explained.

Dr. Meika Syahbana Rusli, Head of SBRC IPB & President Director of PT. BLST IPB 2012-2019 who was also a speaker in this webinar, also explained IPB experiences in developing business. The talk was continued by Ismail Rasyid, S.E., CEO of PT. Trans Continent (Royal Group) with the topic of Regional Potential Development for a National and International Business. Rasyid was a businessman from Aceh who has been successful in the export-import business. The last speaker in this webinar was Fendi Anjasmara, Head of PT. Pos Aceh Region. He discussed digital marketing as an important tool for future businesses.

This webinar was led by Dr. Ratna Mulyany, Head of USK International Cooperation and Relations Business Development Division, who was the moderator of the event. This event was also attended by hundreds of participants from all over Indonesia as well as Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. At the end, the event was then closed by Vice Rector I of USK, Prof. Marwan.