USK Lecturer To Share Contemporary Story Telling Technique

23.07.2021 Humas

USK lecturer from the Bahasa Indonesia Art and Education Program, Dr. Wildan, M.Pd., shared some methods and techniques on the art of storytelling a contemporary art piece. (Banda Aceh, 17 July 2021).

According to a news article on Acehtrend, Dr. Wildan shared his insights on a virtual seminar hosted by the Bahasa Indonesia Art and Education Program, the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education.

In Dr. Wildan’s view, many people often mistake the approach for the storytelling techniques. That is why some art critics often think that perspectives and narrators are the same.

“Until today, people think that perspectives and narrators are the same. They are actually two separate components. Narrators focus on the storytelling techniques, whether they deliver the stories based on the first person “I” or third person “She/He/They” when telling the story. Meanwhile, perspectives involve the angle of the story.”, as Dr. Wildan said.

The virtual seminar was held on the occasion of Dr. Rajab Bahry, M.Pd. and Dra. Hj. Sa’adiah, M.Pd. retirement. The event was attended by about 100 participants from many institutions and backgrounds including lecturers, teachers, and students.

Dr. Wildan who has been studying novels by A. Hasjmy since 15 years ago believes that art critics will evolve along with the way the writers tell their stories.

“Today I want to discuss the narrators in the stories written by Herman RN. I have read 38 of Herman’s stories which have been published by various publishers including The Anthology of the Seventh Murder”. I found out that he rarely uses the narration techniques of third person “She/He/They” in his works.”, Wildan said.