USK Participated in Developing Postgraduate of Ind4.0 Curriculum

24.05.2021 Humas

A team from Universitas Syiah Kuala participated in “Ind 4.0 2nd Study Visit” which was held virtually on 19-21 May 2021. This event was a part of the Erasmus+ program regarding the development of Curriculum for Magister Program Ind4.0 (Banda Aceh, 24 May 2021)

This event involved 15 consortium partners from universities and institutions from Asia and Europe. From Malaysia, there were Universiti Teknologi Mara, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and Universiti Kuala Lumpur. From Kamboja were the University of Heng Samrin Tbong Khmum, University of Battambang, and Mean Chey University.

From Europe, there were Hellenic Open University (Greece), Guglielmo Marconi University dan Sapienza University (Italy) dan beberapa partner yaitu BK-Con (Germany), Skybridge Partner dan Athens Metropolitan College (Greece). 

Meanwhile, from Indonesia there were Universitas Syiah Kuala (USK) coordinated by Prof. Dr. Ir. Samadi, M.Sc. dan a team from Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU) led by Dr. Emerson Pascawira Sinulingga, S.T., M.T. Meanwhile, the Ind4.0 consortium coordinator was Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Malaysia.

The Postgraduate Program for Ind4.0 is planned to be integrated into the Postgraduate Program of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DS & AI) which are waiting for approval from the Ministry of Education and Culture in Jakarta. The current virtual study visit was a follow-up from the first visit in March 2021. 

This virtual visit was held to facilitate exchange of knowledge and experience regarding the development of the Postgraduate programs of industry 4.0 which are suitable for the universities within the consortium. The visit was also intended to formulate the main aspects needed by the curriculum based on the industry 4.0 along with descriptions for each course as a part of the curriculum. 

It was much expected that the universities within the consortium would build a synergy with the other consortium members through this event. Later, the consortium would decide which courses should be included in the DS & AI Program along with its contents. 

On the first day of the second study visit, Mrs. Ilaria Reggiani (Guglielmo Marconi University) officially opened the meeting as the host. She explained the outline of the study visit, continued with presentations by the speakers: Mr. Arturo Lavalle dan Prof. Alberto Garinei (Guglielmo Marconi University), Assc. Prof. Ioannis Chatzigiannakis (Sapienza University), dan Assc. Prof. Gualtiero Fantoni (University of Pisa). They provided a general view about the Postgraduate programs in Italy and how far the Ind4.0 contributed to Italy’s industrial development. 

On the second day, the major theme of the talk is about the practice within industry. The speakers were practical experts in this field namely Prof. Paolo Vercesi (Cluster Fabbrica Intelligente), Mrs. Federica Funghi (Guglielmo Marconi University), Mr. Louis Carrieri (Baker Hughes), and Mr. Arturo Lavalle (Guglielmo Marconi University). The presentations were focused on the concepts of cluster industry, collaboration between universities and industry on developing the curriculum for study program of Ind4.0, and the standardization framework of Ind4.0 regarding innovation management.

On the third day, the participants were divided into 4 WG (Working Group) based on the grouping in the first study visit. They had a parallel discussion in the WG to strengthen the learning contents and outcomes from the courses included in the Postgraduate Program Ind 4.0 curriculum. The WG-1 formulated a technical course on Computer Engineering and Informatics, the WG-2 focused on specific courses related to Industry 4.0, the WG-3 focused on manufacturing-based courses, and Wg-4 focused on courses related to agriculture, aquaculture, and health 4.0.

At the end of the program, the results of the 3-day study visit became the fundamentals to be proposed to Erasmus+ program as a program funded by the European Union to bridge the gap between the academic and industrial worlds in relation with the industrial revolution 4.0. The first virtual study visit was attended by Prof. Hizir, the Vice Rector IV of USK along with everyone in the Ind4.0 team including Dr. rer. hort. Indra Sakti Nasution, S.TP., M.Sc., Dr. M.Syukri Surbakti, S.Si., M.Si., Rahmad Dawood, S.Kom, M.Sc., Yudha Nurdin, ST., MT dan Dr. Khalil Muchtar.