USK President’s Safari Ramadan to the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education

03.05.2021 Humas

The Rector of USK, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng and the Vice Rectors visited the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) in the Safari Ramadan series. This meeting was led by the Dean of the Teacher Training and Education Faculty, Dr. Drs. Syamsulrizal, M.Kes. (Banda Aceh, 3 May 2021) 

In his remarks, the Dean of FKIP expressed that he is honoured to do his duty as he passed his first week as Dean. This visit was also intended for the Rector to ‘meet’ the faculty’s employees and staff and to send off some students involved in the Kampus Mengajar program. 

Dr. Syamsulrizal informed about the human resources in the faculty. There are about 270 lecturers including 12 Professors, 79 Doctors (S3), and 179 Masters (S2). At this moment, there are 20 lecturers who are undergoing their doctoral program. There are also 14 non-PNS permanent lecturers and 20 contract lecturers in the faculty. In total, FKIP has 304 lecturers. 

Based on the available data, in 2021 8 lecturers are going to retire this year and 12 people will retire next year. He is therefore concerned that this might affect the ratio of lecturers and students.

“The total number of lecturers and teaching staff in FKIP is 446 people. This is quite a large number so we hope that we can promote FKIP to be better in the future.”, he said. 

In this occasion, the Dean also explained FKIP’s plan to establish Laboratory School (Labschool) for the elementary and junior high school levels. He also mentioned about the adjustments regarding the faculty’s computer facilities and some others. 

The Rector also expressed his concern on Aceh’s education level which is currently lower than Papua. Meanwhile, the allocated Regional Budget (APBD) for Aceh is considered big. 

Therefore, the Rector hopes that the Teacher Training and Education Faculty in USK may support education in Aceh by strengthening their institution. As head of the university, the Rector would support some proposals to develop this faculty. 

This includes the establishment of elementary and junior high school-level Labcschools. We would support this as we also have some land around Lampenereut. 

“The point is so that FKIP can do more things to improve today’s education level. I hope that all the lecturers would catch up with our condition and improve the standard for the sake of our students’ and children’s future.”, as the Rector said.