USK Rector Began the Online Safari Ramadan with Faculty of Economic and Business

22.04.2021 Humas

Rector of University of Syiah Kuala (Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng) started this year’s Online Safari Ramadan with the Faculty of Economic and Business. Due to the Covid-19 situation, this event was held online through Zoom. (Banda Aceh, 22 April 2021)

On this first Safari, the Rector and his team generally listened to the lecturer, staff, and everyone in FEB aspirations. The Rector also encouraged FEB, that once was the most favourite faculty, to pace themselves and catch up.

“The FEB needs to keep moving forward. Without change, we will just stay static. The principle is that today should be better than yesterday. If not so, we are at loss.”

One important note is that the Rector once again reminded the Dean of FEB to encourage the lecturers of FEB to increase their research publications. Right now, FEB’s research rating is still in the middle. 

The Rector also mentioned that there is a need for regenerations of Professors whose number keeps decreasing due to lecturers coming to pension age. 

“Research from the Social Sciences faculties was a little bit behind from those in the Exact Sciences. This is a challenge that we must face together. As a rector, I am ready to help. So, please improve (the situation). If there are any obstacles, please inform us so that we can process them.”, said Prof. Samsul. 

Moreover, the Rector also planned to build a new building in FEB in the near future using the budget from Non-tax Revenue (PNBP). This initiative was a quick response to the unseen building initiative planned by the Aceh Government earlier. The new building would be situated beside the FEB Convention Hall. 

Lastly, in this Safari Ramadan, the Rector and his team also mentioned that the university would return to online classes starting from Monday. This step was considered due to the increase of positive cases in Aceh. 

“With the increase in positive cases in Aceh, we would need to hold online classes starting from next week. We do not want to be the center of new Covid-19 cases.”, as said by the Rector. 

The Dean of FEB, Prof. Dr. Nasir, S.E., M.BA. appreciated this quick decision by the Rector. He and his team were ready to work together for USK’s advancement. 

“To everyone, let’s do the Rector’s instructions. We hope that FEB may compete not only around the USK environment, but also at the national level. Amin.”, as Prof. Nasir ended.