USK Students’ Executives of Nursing Faculty Held EIDC English Debate

26.04.2021 Humas

The Students’ Executives (BEM) of the Nursing Faculty in USK once again held the yearly event for the nursing faculty students, the English and Indonesian Debate Competition (EIDC) on the faculty level. (Banda Aceh, 24 April 2021). 

Devi Rahmayanti as a committee explained that EIDC was a competition for the nursing faculty students from batch 2018, 2019, and 2020. Students enrolled in these years could register as participants. The mechanism in this year’s competition was unlike the years before.  

“It was due to the current situation. The competition could not be held on the campus ground because of the situations regarding the Corona virus. We need to be aware of it. Therefore, this year’s competition was held online.”, said Devi in the press release for Humas USK. 

This year’s EIDC event was focusing on the theme “Speak up with critical solution to change the world”, which aimed to provide the opportunity for the nursing students to share their critical solutions to others while evaluating what they say so that they could contribute to make the world a better place. 

There were 8 participating teams in this 2021 EIDC. 4 teams were in the Bahasa Indonesia debate group and 4 teams in the English debate group. For the Indonesian debate competition, each team consisted of 3 members. Meanwhile, in the English debate competition, each team consisted of 2 members.

The winners of the Bahasa Indonesia Debate competition were decided based on the judges’ decision. The first place went to the proposition team of batch 2018. The second place went to the proposition team of batch 2020 A, and the third place went to the opposition team of batch 2019. Then, the fourth place went to the proposition team of batch 2020 B. 

The best speaker for this competition went to Akrima Sabila, Sri Muna and Diva Mardevian. 

Meanwhile, the winner of the English debate competition was from batch 2019 A. The second place went to team A of batch 2020. The third place went to team B of batch 2019. Then, the best speaker of the English debate was given to Ecy Oktaviana Monicha, Sophia Nabila, and Raihan Salsabila.

Revi as the head of the committee hoped that the Covid-19 pandemic may soon end so that the next EIDC may be conducted face-to-face. She also hoped that the selected winners might give their best contribution for the next debate competitions on a higher level.