UTBK and SBMPTN Registration Begins in June

07.04.2020 Humas

Higher Education Entrance Test Institute (LTMPT) releases the official date of registration and implementation of the Computer-Based Writing Examination (UTBK) to enter tertiary education in 2020. In a circular number 11 / SE.LTMPT / 2020, it is stated if the UTBK registration and Joint Selection for Higher Education Entrance (SBMPTN) will be held on June 2-20, 2020. While the UTBK will take place on July 5-12, 2020 and the SBMPTN announcement on July 25 , 2020.

Vice Chair I of LTMPT who is also the Rector of Unsyiah, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng IPU, said that the change in time was carried out due to consideration of the national situation currently facing the Covid-19 outbreak.

"This step is carried out due to the state situation which is not conducive to holding UTBK and SBMPTN, so we need to adjust the new procedures and schedules," said Prof. Samsul, Tuesday (4/7/2020).

In addition to changing the schedule, the implementation of the UTBK also experienced a number of other changes. That change added Prof. Samsul, like the test material being tested is only the Scholastic Potential Test (TPS). In addition, each participant is only allowed to take a maximum of one test and the time to do the test is four sessions per day.

But according to him, of all the changes in information, no less important that prospective participants must know is the merger of UTBK and SBMPTN registration. This merger was done because the time is getting shorter and approaching the new school year, so it is not possible to be done in the normal way like last year.

"Registration of UTBK and SBMPTN must be done by participants simultaneously. Students when registering, in addition to choosing the UTBK test location must also choose the desired PTN and Study Program. So they have to choose PTN and Study Program without knowing the UTBK value, "continued Prof. Samsul.

He hopes this change can be followed and understood by prospective participants. For this reason, he requested that all processes be carried out well because they determine participation in the SBMPTN. Prof. Samsul also appealed to prospective participants to always monitor the LTMPT website in order to update information.


 * SNMPTN Announcement *

Meanwhile related to the National Selection for State Universities (SNMPTN), Prof. Samsul said that the SNMPTN announcement would be released on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 at 13:00 WIB. This announcement can be accessed by prospective participants through the website www.snmptn.unsyiah.ac.id

To prospective students who were declared to have passed SNMPTN in Unsyiah, continued Prof. Samsul, is expected to follow a number of important stages in the form of verification of academic data. Related to the academic data verification schedule, prospective students are asked to always monitor the official website www.unsyiah.ac.id and campus social media.

In addition, Prof. Samsul reminded participants who did not pass the SNMPTN 2020 selection path so as not to despair because they were still able to take part in the State Higher Education Entrance Joint Selection (SBMPTN) stage. Information related to UTBK and SBMPTN can be accessed through www.ltmpt.ac.id. (Unsyiah PR / fer)