Vice Rector I of USK Urges Students to Master Technology of Information

23.07.2021 Humas

The Vice Rector I of Universitas Syiah Kuala Prof. Dr. Ir. Marwan invited students and alumni of USK to master the technology of information. The statement was delivered in an opening speech in the doctor’s oath-taking ceremony graduation from the USK Profession of Doctor Program (Banda Aceh, 15 July 2021).

Prof. Marwan also believes that until today, technology of information has been immersed in all aspects of life. This is also true in work places where the technology of information has supported us in many aspects. It also includes technology used in the field of medicine where medical equipment and services are mostly digital-based.

For that purpose, Prof. Marwan believes that everyone is supposed to master this technology of information. The skill is also very important to anyone who wants to survive in this digital era.

“Mastering this technology of information is very crucial especially in this pandemic era. We have no choice but to be ready to use any technology for information.”, as Prof. Marwan said.

In addition, Prof. Marwan also invited USK alumni to improve their competence. Although they have graduated from USK, they should always uphold their spirit for learning and self improvement.

This is because science will keep developing. Therefore, USK alumni should not be satisfied with the knowledge they had obtained in the university.

“One of the characteristics of USK alumni is the spirit to keep learning. So, we highly support you to keep developing and improving your competences.”, as the Vice Rector said.

In this event, the Dean of Medicine Faculty Prof. Maimun Syukri, Sp.PD (K) inaugurated and took the oath from 40 Profession of Doctor graduates, 2 students from the Magister of Public Health program, 10 students from Doctor Education program, and 5 students from the Psychology program. The event took place in the Hall of Faculty of Medicine USK and proceeded both from the site and online.