Vice Rector III: COVID-19 Grant Received by USK Student Executive Body did not Conform with The Stipulation

27.05.2021 Humas

The Vice Rector III of Universitas Syiah Kuala Dr. Ir. Alfiansyah Yulianur BC stated that the COVID-19 grant directed by the Aceh Government to USK Student Executive Body (BEM) did not conform with the stipulation. As such, USK was not responsible for the grant’s expenditure. 

The Vice Rector for the Student and Alumni Division explained that at least there are two important points to be considered. First, the proposal submitted by BEM USK in 2020 had never been mentioned to the Rector and Vice Rector III. Second, the grant was sent to an account outside of USK’s recipient list. 

“If we assess the situation, from the beginning, the grant distribution process did not go through the proper procedure. Therefore, USK is not responsible both for the grant and its expenditure.”, Alfiansyah said. 

In addition, Alfiansyah mentioned that the 2020 Student Executive Body had stepped down from their positions on 31 December 2021 thus they were not allowed to use the grant on behalf of BEM USK. 

USK had clarified this problem in advance. The Rector, Prof. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng through the letter signed by Vice Rector III had warned BEM USK to return the grant from Aceh Government. 

“However, the 2020 administrators did not comply which resulted into subjects of discussions and talks within the society. Unfortunately this gave a direct negative impact to the university.”, said Alfiansyah. 

Therefore, USK decided to bring up the problem to the USK Senate Ethics Commission so they may process and give sanctions to the 2020 BEM Committee. 

“We need to have a strong resolution for problems like this. This would be an example and warning for other organisations so the administrators would not dare to do what they please. They need to comply with the rules in the university.”, he said. 

As we know, the Aceh Government granted some funds to the Student Agency/ Institution/ Organisation as a part of handling Covid-19 in 2020. In this regards, BEM USK 2020 received Rp 42.000.000. Nevertheless, the granting and expenditure process were unknown by the university which resulted in negative issues in the society and harmed USK reputation.