Study-Abroad Course  for University of Minnesota Students

Study-Abroad Course for University of Minnesota Students

05.05.2015 admin

Gary R. Sands, Ph.D., Professor & Director of Graduate Studies, University of Minnesota, visited Unsyiah to meet with Dr. Nazamuddin, SE, MA, Vice Rector for External Relations, to discuss the possibility to develop a short-term (2 weeks) international course for U of M students to visit Aceh province, Indonesia. This study abroad course will be aimed at providing an opportunity to U of M students to get some international experience, especially Acehnese culture. The U of M students are expected to learn development issues confronted by those who live in developing countries like Indonesia, interact with students, faculty, and people, observe and engage in Unsyiah classes and daily life in Aceh.

The topics, locations, institutions, faculty and people involved are being discussed and to be determined. First visit by U of M students will hopefully be commenced in short semester (summer semester) in mid-2016.

In the future, a reciprocal study-abroad course could be arranged for Unsyiah students to learn and get experience in foreign countries and foreign universities who have agreements with Unsyiah.